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16" X 20" unframed - 18" X 22" framed

$ 1,300.00 USD

An original collage & painting. It consists of four layers. Canvas board is at the core of the construction. Two layers of newspaper and paper are glued to it. The newspaper is then painted on top of.

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This painting is a meditation on the role of the artist. In the 1950s a debate sparked amongst Soviet Emigres in Germany. They were retrospectively analyzing the impact of German Expressionism - the Blue Rider Group in particular. Lukacs - a harsh critic of Expressionism - claimed that in its abstraction and emphasis on the subjective, it was inherently escapist. In not addressing the material realities of 1910s Germany he claimed that it empowered Fascism. The times are yet again dark - particularly for those with deep ties to Israel or Palestine. As a Jew living in America, I feel the urge to say something - I just don't know what. So, for the time being, I'll escape into my art. Until my art reveals to me what - if anything - needs to be said.