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ARTIST biography

My earliest artistic memory brings to mind a self-portrait smeared onto a sheet of watercolor paper with a dry brush. This portrait was completed when I was four years old; yet, I recall the feeling of complete satisfaction as I completed the piece. Art has given me pleasure for as long as I can remember.

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. My familial and artistic roots go to Ukraine, Israel and Russia. Trained by several wonderful teachers hailing from the USSR with its powerful artistic tradition, I am a product of cross-cultural upbringing. American, Jewish, and European traditions speak to me.

My subject matter mainly consists of landscapes, cityscapes, and still lifes. I love nature. I find beauty in nature. Everything from cumulus clouds to pine trees is awe-inspiring.  I love cities. The shimmering lights, slick reflectivity of contemporary high-rises, the juxtaposition of man made geometry with natural elements, make me reach for the brush.

Other than art, I enjoy running, working with technology, and architecture.

Jake Sheykhet




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