Last Few Months Blog

It has been a little bit since I have done a blog post. In the last few months I have completed a lot of work. I’ve done everything from my usual oil paintings to new mediums, such as sketches with charcoal and pencil.

Currently, I am trying to finish up as many paintings as possible in preparation for my upcoming art show, called the Art Summer Market, which is held at the Art Students League in Denver. I still have a ways to go before I am ready for the show. I still have about 8 paintings I want to complete.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve done a lot of charcoal, sanguine and pencil sketches. Some of my favorite sketches which I have compiled in the last few month from both my work at the Art Students League and in class, are posted on my sketch page.

As far as oil paintings, I have made many over the last few months. Most recently, I’ve been working on portraits. They present an interesting challenge, as I am inclined to draw with paint, rather than to actually paint my subject. This creates less vibrant and atmospheric paintings. However, I have been working on this and my most recent portrait is much better than the previous ones.