The month of January was eventful. At the beginning of the month I met up with an artist who was formally trained in the Soviet Union. We went to the Art Students League and did sketches. Since the human figure was something I wanted to improve upon, learning and drawing with him was very helpful. It was an awesome experience…a few of the sketches created in the session are shown below.

Additionally, in the month of January, I started a large amount of paintings. I have a series about human interaction with light that I started. I currently have two painting in the series. The first is of two musicians playing in an indoor space with light coming through the window. The second shows people at a bar being illuminated by a dim light above a pool table. In the foreground there is a still life which shows the dim light interacting with the objects on the table.

Lastly, my painting, “Quiet Night”, was selected for a gold key award by Scholastic. It is pictured below.