November & December 2018 Blog

I completed a few new paintings this month.

I started and finished a new still life. I call this painting “morning”. I attempted to portray the beautiful  morning light which shone through my studio window while I was painting it. I also challenged myself to create glass, which turned out to be easier than expected. The glass however, should have better reflected the color of the apple and lemon place in front of it.


I also experimented with the use and creation of fog in my paintings. I started and finished two new paintings with the use of this technique.


I finished a painting of a horse drawn carriage in a thunderstorm. Horses have been somewhat of a recurring subject in my paintings. Three of the paintings which have been completed within the last few months have featured horses. I believe horses are some of the most beautiful animals, so I am naturally drawn to them.


I started and finished a new piece depicting a ship coming out of the fog. I like to golden glow I was able to create with the ship and its sails.


While I was at the grocery store, I noticed some beautiful sunflowers. I purchased them and painted them the same day. They wilted the next day. Fortunately, my painting did not.


I also am planning to start a new piece which is inspired by my recent trip to the theatre.