Last Few Months Blog

It has been a little bit since I have done a blog post. In the last few months I have completed a lot of work. I’ve done everything from my usual oil paintings to new mediums, such as sketches with charcoal and pencil.

Currently, I am trying to finish up as many paintings as possible in preparation for my upcoming art show, called the Art Summer Market, which is held at the Art Students League in Denver. I still have a ways to go before I am ready for the show. I still have about 8 paintings I want to complete.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve done a lot of charcoal, sanguine and pencil sketches. Some of my favorite sketches which I have compiled in the last few month from both my work at the Art Students League and in class, are posted on my sketch page.

As far as oil paintings, I have made many over the last few months. Most recently, I’ve been working on portraits. They present an interesting challenge, as I am inclined to draw with paint, rather than to actually paint my subject. This creates less vibrant and atmospheric paintings. However, I have been working on this and my most recent portrait is much better than the previous ones.



The month of January was eventful. At the beginning of the month I met up with an artist who was formally trained in the Soviet Union. We went to the Art Students League and did sketches. Since the human figure was something I wanted to improve upon, learning and drawing with him was very helpful. It was an awesome experience…a few of the sketches created in the session are shown below.

Additionally, in the month of January, I started a large amount of paintings. I have a series about human interaction with light that I started. I currently have two painting in the series. The first is of two musicians playing in an indoor space with light coming through the window. The second shows people at a bar being illuminated by a dim light above a pool table. In the foreground there is a still life which shows the dim light interacting with the objects on the table.

Lastly, my painting, “Quiet Night”, was selected for a gold key award by Scholastic. It is pictured below.

November & December 2018 Blog

I completed a few new paintings this month.

I started and finished a new still life. I call this painting “morning”. I attempted to portray the beautiful  morning light which shone through my studio window while I was painting it. I also challenged myself to create glass, which turned out to be easier than expected. The glass however, should have better reflected the color of the apple and lemon place in front of it.


I also experimented with the use and creation of fog in my paintings. I started and finished two new paintings with the use of this technique.


I finished a painting of a horse drawn carriage in a thunderstorm. Horses have been somewhat of a recurring subject in my paintings. Three of the paintings which have been completed within the last few months have featured horses. I believe horses are some of the most beautiful animals, so I am naturally drawn to them.


I started and finished a new piece depicting a ship coming out of the fog. I like to golden glow I was able to create with the ship and its sails.


While I was at the grocery store, I noticed some beautiful sunflowers. I purchased them and painted them the same day. They wilted the next day. Fortunately, my painting did not.


I also am planning to start a new piece which is inspired by my recent trip to the theatre.


Hello, and welcome to my very first blog post! I am very excited to have launched this new addition to my website! I decided to create this blog to share new paintings I am working on or ideas I would like to discuss.

Throughout the past few weeks, I have been working on a wide variety of projects. These new undertakings range in size, medium, and subject matter. I have recently been working on the following:

  • 8” x 11” charcoal and pencil portraits

  • A “12” x 48” oil painting of two fish

  • Paintings of the human body

  • Depictions of nature

Painting of two fish (12” x 48”)

Painting of two fish (12” x 48”)


A few examples of my smaller 8” x 11” and 11” x 14” portraits.

Yesterday, I continued to work on incomplete paintings. The first is a 24” x 18” painting inspired by a recent cross country varsity team trip to Gunnison.

Gunnison painting (24” x 18”)

Gunnison painting (24” x 18”)

In this painting, I am attempting to give the viewer the same sense of bucolic beauty that I experienced during my time in Gunnison. It is not yet complete. A frustration I am experiencing with this work stems from the fact that I didn’t have a clear plan going into the creation process. This ended up leaving the painting with a poor composition and a childish look. The second painting I worked on yesterday is a 36” x 24” depiction of a statue overlooking a city.

An oil painting of a statue overlooking a city (36” x 24”)

An oil painting of a statue overlooking a city (36” x 24”)

This work was originally started about six or seven months ago. The original painting did not contain the statue. At the time, I was experimenting with the use of turpentine in my oils to create a rainy sense in my painting. It was only after some time had passed that I realized this painting could use a vertical element. Later, I stumbled upon a WWII photo portraying a statue overlooking the wreckage from the firebombing of the German city Dresden.

A WW2 picture depicting the firebombing of Dresden. Taken by Richard Peter in 1945.  (Peter, Richard. “Bombing of Dresden in World War II.”  Wikipedia , Wikimedia Foundation, 1 Oct. 2009,

A WW2 picture depicting the firebombing of Dresden. Taken by Richard Peter in 1945.

(Peter, Richard. “Bombing of Dresden in World War II.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 1 Oct. 2009,

Immediately, I realized that this is what my painting lacked. Coincidentally, the integration of the human figure into my paintings is one thing I am currently focusing on. So everything ended up working out perfectly. This painting is still far from completion.

I have also started a larger, 17” x 24”,  charcoal portrait of my mother.

Charcoal portrait of my mother (17” x 24”)

Charcoal portrait of my mother (17” x 24”)

Once completed, I am planning to turn this drawing into an oil painting. A series of oil portraits is a possibility for the near future. My plans for the future also include more paintings which integrate the human figure. I will also continue to produce landscapes.